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      Products & Solutions

      VN3-12 Indoor MV Embedded Pole Insulated Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      VN3-12E, A 12kV VCB developed by Cooper Edison R&D center, provide the reliable controling and protection solution for domestic and oversea utility and industry customers.
      ●Complete species series, rating up to 5000A-50kA, mechanical life up to 30,000 cycles.
      ●Low resistance Cooper VI, insulation reliable embedded pole.
      ●Modular spring mechanism , easy to maintenance.  
      ●Conductive parts dealt with silver plating in main circuit, more conductive, lower contact resistant. 
      ●Self-lubricated bearing provide maintenance-free.
      ●Advanced surface treatment and lubrication technology, suit for humid region.
      ●High-performance oil buffer and optimized design of CAM curve, effectively improved the performance of VCB.
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